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Catalina Le-Bert Noviembre 2012

Los trazos perfectos de Zewok
En este segundo capítulo te presentamos la evolución del grafiti en el trabajo de un joven artista.

Up in the Bronx at Hunts Point: Rubin415, Dasic, Zewok, Inkie, Crash, Nick Walker, Mark Bode and Yes2

NOVEMBER 19, 2012


The walls in the industrial neighborhood of Hunts Point up in the Bronx are among NYC’s most vibrant. Within the past few weeks, over a dozen diverse pieces have surfaced. While some are rooted in traditional graffiti and others cross genres, they all exude distinct charm and energy. Here is a sampling captured this past week:

Swedish artist Rubin415 and Chilean artists Dasic Fernandez and Zewok

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