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 ¨Painting murals opened the way to travel through different countries and learn about cultures, these painted walls gave me a vision of a world citizen within a framework defined by public art and the actions that shape our environment ¨

I consider myself as a multifaceted creator with a wide variety of artistic and technical skills, from painting large scale to digital graphic design, including illustration, installation, audiovisual production, public and corporate projects, im a designer with experience in different types of stages and locations, art galleries, advertising agencies, content creators, producers, corporate clients and commercial brands in the creation of murals and public art actions in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Tahiti, United States, Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica.
I'm specialized in murals & urban art. My painting is defined by the strong color and contrast formed by futuristic geometries and patterns of three-dimensional structures, the study of the human figure, deep gazes and expressive movements in the design of my characters that unfold in a framework of iconographic nature, realism and illustration.
In my work, I focus on creating art with a specific purpose, such as conveying a message from clients, making a statement with communities, or reflecting my emotions and energy through shapes, tones, and colors on my canvas or any chosen surface such as huge walls. While im painting i usually explore multiple themes but also the use of materials and the space, fotography is an essential, while also highlighting the beauty of the human soul and our environment, i enjoy the multimedia and different tools to express art. Thats me.
“We constantly adapt to different platforms, bilaterally defined critical thinking, artistic expression for different areas of communication and mass culture..."
                                                                                                                                                                     Welcome to my world.
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